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The objectives of the association are;


1. The primary objective of the Association is to encourage the continuation of natural processes in the ecosystems as represented in the park and to develop the enrichment of human life through the experience of the natural surroundings without placing this objective at risk;


2. To develop through research and understanding and an inventory of the resources and history of the William Bay National Park (“WBNP”);


3. To promote communication and interaction with those responsible for policy and management plans for the WBNP;


4. To provide a focal point for persons with an interest in the objectives described above; and


5. To pursue similar objectives to those described for the WBNP in respect of other areas determined by the Association.


The objectives shall be pursued in a spirit of co-operation and consultation with the Department of Conservation of Land Management (“CALM”) nevertheless recognising the over-riding right of the Association to promote views which may differ from those of CALM.


The Association in pursuing these objectives, seeks to supplement rather than supplant the work of CALM employees and does not seek special privileges for its members.


The property and income of the Association shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Association and no part of that property or income may be paid or otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to members, except in good faith in the promotion of those objects. 

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The Association meets as an executive committee once every two months. The Committee endeavours to organise the following:-


  • 8 walks a year (usually on a Sunday)

  • 6 presentations by guest speakers (Usually on a Saturday afternoon)

  • Weekly - Ongoing seed collection/propogation/maintenance of seedlings for planting out in areas of the Park as needed.

  • Maintenance of the Bibbulmun track that traverses the Park.

  • Occasional week-end camps

  • Occasional Flora and Fauna surveys (notably Orchids, Fungi, Bats and Marine life in recent years)

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Our Committee


John Banks,                             


Mark Hackleton,


Erica Stokes,


Treasurer Julie Willers,      

Barry Goldsmith

Jan Bremner

Jan Patterson

Barry Goldsmith

Rosemary Maddox

Greg Woodward

Bob Gretton

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New members are welcome to join the William Bay National Parks Association.

Download and complete the form below.
Return it to our Treasurer. 


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Take a read of our monthly newsletter 

William Bay National Park Orchid Survey 2016/17
The orchid survey was conducted in the William Bay National Park in 2016-17


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