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Application for Mineral Sands Exploration Licence in Shire of Denmark

In 2021 The Denmark Environment Centre led a campaign against an application to mine mineral sands west of Denmark. The campaign had a groundswell of local support. Over 5000 signatures were collected in an online petition. As a result of this campaign, the exploration license application was withdrawn!

In May 2021 United Funds Pty. Ltd. applied for a licence to explore for mineral sands from the southern side of the South Coast Highway between Parker Road in the west and McLeod Road in the east, and Scotsdale Rd in the north in the Shire of Denmark. (See map above)

The Denmark Environment Centre  expressed concern about this application and sent letters to the Minister for Mines and the Minister for the Environment. Previously the DEC objected to mining lease applications by BHP, Wolzak and Backshall in the 1980’s which, together with the woodchip application by McLean Sawmills, led to the opening of the Denmark Environment Centre. None of these mining applications were successful then but we can’t afford to be complacent.

Mineral sands mining is a threat to the long-standing community effort to protect our unique environment, including our waterways, and preserve our way of life.

Visit DEC’s Facebook page for more information:

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