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Environmental Campaign Coordinator- Crowd Funding

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

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The Denmark Environment Centre has been operating since 1987, in Denmark Western Australia.

The not-for-profit organisation aims to inspire, educate and connect people in the community to protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment through education, research and advocacy. As a not-for-profit organisation, the Centre relies on membership, donations, and volunteers to continue our environmental projects and campaigns.

Current Environmental Campaigns

In 2022 The Denmark Environment Centre has engaged in 3 major environmental campaigns. Our small not-for-profit organisation lobbied to stop a mining exploration license being granted adjacent to William Bay National Park west of Denmark. The strong public backlash in an online petition which obtained 5000 signatures and significant media campaign saw the mining company withdraw its exploration license application for the site. This was a huge win for the Denmark Environment Centre.

The Denmark Environment Centre is currently lobbying the Shire of Denmark to seek an alternative site than the A-Class Reserve of Mount Hallowell for the development of a network of downhill mountain bike trails. The Shire of Denmark sought public commentary on the project and the Denmark Environment Centre was instrumental in informing the community about potential threats to the unique biodiversity and cultural heritage that exists on Mount Hallowell and the need for its protection, resulting in the majority saying no to the development.

The Denmark Environment Centre has a subsidiary group called Fire and Biodiversity Western Australia (FaBWA) who are lobbying the state government to conduct an independent review into its prescribed burning program. FaBWA, along with scientific and other interest groups are documenting the damaging effects of the current practices of large-scale prescribed burns on forest and coastal heath ecosystems, including wetlands and peat swamps.

How will the funds be used?

The Denmark Environment Centre largely relies on the work of volunteers to undertake their campaign work, which continues to grow. We are seeking to employ an Environmental Campaign Coordinator to assist with this ever-increasing task and to work on social media campaigns, preparing media statements and the coordination of local volunteers to engage in our environmental campaigns.

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