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Lotterywest Phase 2 Seasons Events Kick off at Lowlands Beach!

How do a giant boulder sitting on a beach in the Southwest of Australia, a comet found in the Indian ocean and oral histories shared by Mokare almost 200 years ago all link together?

Well, through the joining of local custodians and scientific experts at the first of the 2023 Six Seasons field trips, we may just have the answer! These types of questions (and answers) from Menang Custodian and educator, Larry Blight and Professor Katy Evans from the School of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Curtin University, gave the participants of the field trip some amazing insights into the past, as well as a true appreciation for the present and future.

The field trip, which took place on Sunday the 26th of February 2023, was held at Lowlands Beach and focussed on the unique geological formations that can be found there, as well as the traditional activities undertaken by Aboriginal people at these types of coastal sites. The conversational style field trip was peppered with guest speakers, adding to the wealth of environmental, cultural, and geological local knowledge. There were many anecdotes, questions from the audience, and interesting rock formations to look at and discuss which made for a very successful morning.

The event would not be possible without the generous support of Lotterywest, our volunteers, and the DEC committee members, who have enabled us to continue into our second year of creating a platform to educate the community on our local environment and its important cultural heritage.

If you were unable to attend event this time, we will be releasing a series of podcasts of recordings from the talks. Look out for the release dates for these, as well as booking information for the next events in the DEC newsletter.

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