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Mount Frankland incineration!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

On the 30th of November 2022 the prescribed burn FRK_092 escaped. The burn incinerated a total area of 25,000 hectares, which is the equivalent to 62.5 Kings Parks. This prescribed burn occurred in the Mount Frankland National Park, a pristine area of bushland, full rare flora and fauna species.

Our forests and fauna need your voices NOW

Most of you will remember the huge smoke plume over Denmark in November 2019 and the devastating effects of that prescribed burn by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) on Mount Lindesay National Park.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed.

You may have seen the article on ABC news this week about enormous prescribed burn (FRK_092) in the Walpole Wilderness that DBCA lost control of, part of which is in the Shire of Denmark. A total of 25,000 hectares has been scorched (see photos above and below). The area is core wilderness and contains iconic granite outcrops, extensive wetlands and peat swamps, and a mix of jarrah, marri and karri forests, banksia woodlands and heathlands. It is also home to one of WA’s largest mainland quokka populations, amongst many other threatened fauna. It is without doubt that significant numbers of birds and animals have perished in this fire.

What can you do? We are asking you to write to the state Minister of Environment:

The Hon. Reece Whitby MLA

PO Box 4107

Baldivis WA 6171

Apart from feeling sad and frustrated as many of us are, what can you tell him?

A short simple letter stating how dismayed and shocked you are at this ecological disaster is enough. But if you want to take it further the Walpole-Nornalup National Park Association has this advice on what the Minister needs to address:

  • Loss of key habitat elements – shelter and food

  • Loss of habitat connectivity – there are few remaining unburned pockets

  • Peat substrate ignitions must be avoided – releases carbon into the atmosphere that has been stored for thousands of years

  • Unclean machines in dieback-free areas

  • Our drying climate means potentially slower vegetation recovery

  • We need an independent review into current practices of prescribed burning which are clearly not being controlled

If letter writing is not your thing DEC has made some pictorial cards that you can send to the Minister. They are available in the shop (see below).

Thank you for your support and let’s make sure the Minister hears as many voices as possible because there are still many more prescribed burns planned for this season, including one north of Denmark, east of the 2019 burn, and one north of Walpole in long unburnt tingle forest (burn ID FRK_058).

You can check the daily program at Today's Burns - Parks and Wildlife Service.

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