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Fire Values and Threats

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This campaign is about bringing change to the ways prescribed burning is conducted across the conservation estate of the southwest of WA. We recognise that bushfires pose a significant threat to communities and our natural heritage but are concerned about the adverse effects large-scale burns are having on the health, structure, and biodiversity of ecosystems.

Our goal is for the state government to conduct an independent review into these practices so that we can find optimal solutions to protect both communities and our environment.

For more information visit the Fire and Biodiversity WA (FABWA) website.

Icons to Ashes is a landmark report that highlights the catastrophic impact of current prescribed burning on Tingle and Ficifolia trees (red-flowering gums), peatlands and mainland Quokkas.

The report presents findings from a series of ecological field trips by local conservationists and scientists to the Walpole Wilderness Area.

It calls for an urgent re-think of burning practices, highlighting that regular burning is not only having massive impacts on forests and wildlife, but has also been scientifically shown to be increasing the risk of wildfire.

Current prescribed burning is literally turning the iconic Tingle trees and Ficifolias into ashes.

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