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Bird Sanctuary

The Prawn Rock Channel is a feeding site for migratory shorebird’s. The Denmark Bird Group has worked to create a Sanctuary Zone to protect the birds habitat. 


Save Lake Jasper

Lake Jasper has been threatened by mineral sand mining in the D’entrecasteaux National Park. For over 25 years Geoff Evans and Andy Russell spearhead the campaign to protect the site from mining. On World Wetlands day, the 2nd of February 2021, the excised land was returned back to D’Entrecasteaux National Park. 

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Greens Pool
No Fishing Zone

Greens Pool is a popular snorkelling and swimming spot in Denmark. In 2018, after years of campaigning the area was
declared a ‘No Fishing Zone’!

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Mining West of Denmark

In May 2021 United Funds Pty. Ltd. applied for a licence to explore for mineral sands from the southern side of the South Coast Highway between Parker Road in the west and McLeod Road in the east. The Denmark Environment Centre initiated a campaign which resulted in the mining company from withdrawing their exploration license application!

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