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Mount Hallowell
Trails Network Update

Mt Hallowell is a site of environmental biodiversity and cultural significance. DEC wishes to ensure that this reserve is protected for future generations.

Progress in 2023

  • DEC has a representative on the new Trails Working Group

  • DEC is to be involved in the first stage of the planning for the alternative Glen Rowan-Turner Rd Mountain Bike Trails site

  • The update of the Denmark Shire Mt Hallowell Plan is underway

  • South Coast Bush Care Service is working with the Shire to address the unsanctioned bike trails, closing off dangerous ones and doing remediation work on others

  • The independent Friends of Hallowell group has formed to monitor all aspects of Mt Hallowell including the bike trail situation.

  • It has been observed that new trails have appeared in the unsanctioned area and will need to be regularly monitored and addressed by the Shire.

  • The DEC Committee believes that the funds and energy required to develop the trails network at Mount Hallowell could be better spent on developing a Mountain Bike trail network at the proposed Turner Rd site.

  • The State Government has recently committed funds to research the Glen Rowan-Turner Road option

  • A Bioblitz citizen science event is to be held on Mt Hallowell in November to gather flora and fauna information

  • The DEC would like to collaborate with the Shire of Denmark in a proactive approach by engaging local youth and community in educational workshops including the impact of trail building in A Class reserves.

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Mount Hallowell Trail Network- Background 

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Mount Hallowell

DEC remains opposed to any new trails, not only in the core area, but overall anywhere in the A Class reserve!

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